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Ethical Considerations in AI Implementation

Updated: Mar 2

Our Managing Partner was at the WAQSN 1 day seminar and investiture of the 8th chairperson , with the theme Congruence in Construction Cost Management System: Exploring Human and Artificial Intelligence Collaboration in Quantity Surveying, Procurement and Ethical Frontiers;where he talked about Ethical Considerations in AI implementation with emphasis on how this impacts Quantity Surveyors.

He was able to the evolution of AI and the types of AI development.

Then He honed in on ethics as a science of proper behavior before highlighting the Ethics of AI which hinges so much on the human - machine interaction either through a human in the loop or Human on the loop scenarios.

He was also able to establish that to facilitate AI adoption, guidelines and standard will need to be developed to govern the implementation of AI in the industry, particularly for quantity surveyors.

He however concluded with the advise that AI tools should be seen as supportive tools to enhance productivity, accuracy and decision-making rather than replacing the QS entirely, but with a warning that the Qs must up-skill in order to remain relevant.

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