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LEED Training

It was a great experience conducting a training on LEED for some staff of the Nigerian Content Development and Monitoring Board [NCDMB].

The LEED Green Associate credential denotes basic knowledge of sustainability and green building design, construction and operations. This comprehensive training course provides knowledge on sustainability and green building using the LEED Rating System.

Using a combination of digital media, online tests /assessments and access to a plethora of resources, we are confident that the participants received a world class training.

The nine knowledge domains covered in this training are:

1. LEED Process

2. Integrative Strategies

3. Location and Transportation

4. Sustainable Sites

5. Water Efficiency

6. Energy and Atmosphere

7. Materials and Resources

8. Indoor Environmental Quality

9. Project Surroundings and Public Outreach

We were also able to show the participants the synergies between all these domains, innovation and design and regional priority considerations.

Our thanks go to #NCDMB for trusting us with their training and also to #GBES, #usgbc and #pocketprep for your technical assistance in making this a reality.

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